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Underground Gate Automation | Automatic Gates | Residential 

Swing Gates Sub-Terrain Motors

  • Suitable for swing gates up to 4m
  • Self locking electromechanical motors
  • Standard or fast speed
  • Water-proof motor
  • Reduction unit submerged in oil bath to assure long life
  • Reliable and strong reduction unit with all mechanical components made of stainless steel
  • Hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel foundation boxes
  • Adjustable mechanical stops
  • Strong and fast indoor and outdoor unlock device
  • Gate with sub terrain automation
  • Swing gate with sub terrain automation

Information on Sub Terrain Motors for Gate Automation.

Gate Automation Systems (Irl) would like to draw your attention to some basic differences in residential sub terrain motors for automatic gates. The images in this document show the difference between a standard sub terrain motor and the more superior oil bath motor.
 underground motor specs
What is an oil bath motor?
With the more superior type motor all internal mechanical components (motor and reduction gear) are constructed from high grade stainless steel and are submerged in an oil bath to ensure long life of the system. This oil bath also protects the components from moisture and freezing. Because all the components are submerged, each time the gate drive unit moves it self lubricates the complete system and minimises operation fatigue. These sub terrain motors are built for high performance, durability and longevity.
Motor in Oil Baths
As you can see from the images of the typical standard motor, the internal parts are made of cast iron type material and are lubricated with semi fluid grease. In the short term this grease breaks down and the internal parts run dry causing numerous ongoing problems such as bearings ceasing up, wearing down of drive gear and burning out of the motor. Access to all components in this type of motor is via the underside of the motor. This sits on floor of the foundation box and should rainwater get into the box it will also get into the motor and other components.
Standard Motors
Components submerged in Oil Bath
Stainless steel drive wheel drive shaft and motor
Components submerged in Oil Bath Stainless steel drive wheel, drive shaft and motor
Motor unit showing cover opening from top
Motor unit within galvanized foundation box
Motor unit showing cover opening from top
Motor unit within galvanized foundation box

Why Have an Automatic Gate?

Automated gates not only give your home added security and peace of mind. They also ensure young children are unable to accidently leave your property. Professionally fitted automatic gates will add value to any property.

Why Choose Gate Automation Systems (Irl)?

Fitting your own automatic gate may seem like the cheaper option, but will cost you more in the long run. Poorly fitted automatic gates are more likely to break cause accidents or damaging the equipment beyond repair.

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