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Access Control | Electronic Access Control for Automated Gates

Remote Controls: Hand held units, open your gate at the touch of a button.

GSM Dial to Open Gate Controller:

  • Open & close your gate with your mobile phone
  • Up to 200 authorized numbers can be programmed
  • No cost to user
  • Gate can be operated from anywhere in the world
  • No need for remote controls


  • Anti-vandalism stand alone keypad
  • Strong case made from anodised aluminium
  • Anti-tamper microswitch
  • Electronic circuit fully potted IP67 waterproof

Keypad / Intercom

  • Integrated digital keypad and hands-free intercom
  • Speak to visitors before granting access or authorised visitors use pin code
  • Weather resistant IP56 potted electronics
  • Slimline and stylish
  • Made from robust polycarbonate materials

Exit Loop

  • Recessed in the driveway inside the gate entrance
  • When vehicle rolls over it gate opens to allow vehicle exit

Electronic Safety Units for Automatic Gates

Safety Loop

  • Used to prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle
  • Two loops can be wired to one detector
  • Loops are placed in front and behind the gate

Safety Sensors

  • Small size infrared safety photocells
  • Mounted on gate piers – externally and mounted on mini pillars internally.
  • Gates stop closing when vehicle positioned between beams
  • Anti-vandalism casing
  • Range 10m
  • 90° orientable optic

Safety Edges

  • No touch safety device
  • Prevents direct contact with the moving gate leaf
  • Photo beams stop the gate leaf physically touching an obstacle preventing injury or damage

Surge Protection

  • Surge protection highly recommended for all gate operators
  • Protects the operator from power surges and lightning strikes

Why Have an Automatic Gate?

Automated gates not only give your home added security and peace of mind. They also ensure young children are unable to accidently leave your property. Professionally fitted automatic gates will add value to any property.

Why Choose Gate Automation Systems (Irl)?

Fitting your own automatic gate may seem like the cheaper option, but will cost you more in the long run. Poorly fitted automatic gates are more likely to break cause accidents or damaging the equipment beyond repair.

Our commercial clients include