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Automatic Barriers for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Gate Automation Systems (Irl) have a complete range of electro-mechanically operated rising arm barriers. All barriers are made of aluminium and are powder-coated with a 10 year warranty against rust perforation. These barriers will fit any opening as they come in a wide range of sizes from 2.5m up to 12m.

One of the most important features of these barriers is their 100% duty cycle.

The barrier boom is pre-programmed to reverse and re-opens when it is near the vehicle. In the event of power failure they have a manual release built in unit. The barrier boom profiles are made of aluminium – white with red reflective signal stripes and a rubber safety tube on the boom underside. All barriers have a powder coated finish – hood RAL Blue 5012 with housing RAL White 9010. Additional colours are available on request. All barriers can have skirts above and below for added security.

Barriers ES25 to ES40

  • Barrier boom length 2500mm to 4000mm
  • These barriers are most suitable for schools, car-parks, apartment blocks, etc.
  • They have no springs so they are wear-free
  • Duty cycle is 100%
  • Running time from 0.9s – 3.2s

Barriers ES50 to ES80

  • Barrier boom length 5000mm to 8000mm
  • These barriers are most suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  • Duty cycle is 100%
  • Running time from 4.0s – 8.5s

KLOSS 60 to 120

  • Barrier boom length 6000mm to 12000mm
  • These barriers are most suitable for more specific, sturdy requirements
  • Duty cycle is 100%
  • Running time from 6.0s – 12.0s
  • Barrier with boom diagonal
  • Barrier with boom horizontal
  • Folding top and bottom skirt 150
  • Traffic Barriers



Why Have an Automatic Gate?

Automated gates not only give your home added security and peace of mind. They also ensure young children are unable to accidently leave your property. Professionally fitted automatic gates will add value to any property.

Why Choose Gate Automation Systems (Irl)?

Fitting your own automatic gate may seem like the cheaper option, but will cost you more in the long run. Poorly fitted automatic gates are more likely to break cause accidents or damaging the equipment beyond repair.

Our commercial clients include