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Automatic Gates for Commercial & Industrial Use

Cantilever Sliding Gates

  • Cantilever sliding gates are suitable for areas where operational safety and security have priority
  • No ground track is required for cantilever gates
  • The complete roll system is integrated in the under beam which guarantees an extreme security of functioning and safety
  • Cantilever sliding gates are approx 1/3 longer than tracked gates – the extra length acts as a counterbalance to allow the gate to the gate slide back and forward
  • The gate is supported during the entire opening / closing cycle by roller wheels within the bottom beam/profile
  • The topside guiding roller wheels are protected from weather inside the top profile
  • There is a slam post assembly at one end and stops at the other end
  • The gate is held upright by a guide rail and roller located in the guide post

The box section guide post is made from aluminium sheet metal profile and composites installed onto a pre-cut plate. It has a full height door secured by a European ½ lock which offers discreet and aesthetic integration of control accessories without any visible cables. It also incorporates control accessories – access control, CPU, interphone, etc. This post is particularly convenient for the maintenance technicians who can work without having to bend over.

Cantilever sliding gates have industrial three phase motors with reduction gear which has power adjusted to the size of each gate. Adjustment of the cycles to within a centimetre is provide by an encoder built into the motors compensating the travel end sensors. The motor reduction unit can be disengaged easily in the event of a power cut. The drive consists of pinion gear and a chain system mounted on tensioners. The maximum speed of translation can be adjusted up to 50cm/s guaranteeing high performance access control.

  • Cantilever sliding gate1
  • Cantilever sliding gate2
  • Cantilever sliding gate3
  • Cantilever slliding gate4


Bi-Folding Speedgates

  • Bi-folding speedgates provide fast, secure access for high volume traffic areas and/or areas requiring high security
  • Speedgates have a high speed open/close of 1m per sec
  • The speed of operation greatly reduces the likelihood of tailgating
  • These gates are TUV and CE certified to EN13241-1 standard which guarantee optimal safety access for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Speedgates are available in top drive, bottom drive or trackless options
  • They are available as a two part leaf, single leaf or two part one part leaf
  • The electromechanical drives are suitable for high performance
  • The programmable control panel can be configured for individual leaf operation and for both single and bi-directional traffic control
  • Compared to conventional hinged gates they intrude far less in confined spaces.

Watch the video here

  • Bottom drive bi folding gate1
  • Bottom drive bi folding gate2
  • Top drive bi folding gate1
  • Top drive bi folding gate2


Sliding Gates on Track or Rail

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications where security is a priority
  • Designed to run on a track installed in the roadway
  • Able to secure wide apertures
  • The track is normally 5mm below the finished road level
  • Customized to suit a company's specific requirements
  • The outer frame of the gate leaves can be square or rectangular hollow tube
  • The infill can be square hollow tube or mesh
  • Bridge post included to hold gate in upright position
  • Nylon guide rollers complete with bearings
  • Guide wheels recessed into the bottom frame complete with bearings
  • Can be manufactured for openings up to 12m wide and 3m high
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Gates can be automated with a heavy duty sliding gear motor up to 2000kg
  • All safety items comply with EN12453 for sliding gates
  • Sliding gate on rail1.jpg
  • Sliding gate on rail2
  • Track Sliding Gate
  • Track Sliding

Hinged Swing Gates

  • Provide a high degree of security where runback for a sliding gate is not available
  • Customized to suit a company's specific requirements
  • The outer frame of the gate leaves can be square or rectangular hollow tube
  • The infill can be square hollow tube or mesh
  • Posts are free standing with rear hung hinges
  • The hinges allow each leaf to swing through to 180°
  • Manual and automatic swing gates are available
  • Lockable ground bolts for manual gates
  • Different locking options available for manual gates
  • Options for automation – sub terrain or overground
  • Standard heights from 1m to 3m
  • Widths up to 10m
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Can painted with choice of RAL colours
  • Swing Gate2
  • Swing gate with pedestrian access
  • Swing gate1
  • Swing gate3

Why Have an Automatic Gate?

Automated gates not only give your home added security and peace of mind. They also ensure young children are unable to accidently leave your property. Professionally fitted automatic gates will add value to any property.

Why Choose Gate Automation Systems (Irl)?

Fitting your own automatic gate may seem like the cheaper option, but will cost you more in the long run. Poorly fitted automatic gates are more likely to break cause accidents or damaging the equipment beyond repair.

Our commercial clients include